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Contoh Judul Skripsi Sastra Inggris di lengkapi proposal terbaru

Contoh Judul Skripsi Sastra Inggris di lengkapi proposal terbaru, hallo sahabat semua kembali lagi dengan admin yang akan membagikan kepada kalian semua contoh skripsi kualitatif maupun kuantitatif sastra inggris, semoga ini bisa membantu kawan-kawan semua dalam mencari referensi judul skripsi ya.

  1. An Analysis of Symbols in Toba Batak Traditional House
  2. Language Choice Experienced by The Students of University of Sumatera Utara: A Case Study of Code Mixing
  3. The Effectiveness of Sekolah Toefl to Enhance Student’s Toefl Score
  4. An Error Analysis on The Use of Gerund Made by The Eleventh Grade Students of SMA Free Methodist Medan
  5. Translation Methods of The Translation of Sapardi Djoko Damono’s Poems in English
  6. Category Shift in The Translation of “Woman At Point Zero” in Bahasa Indonesia
  7. Audio-Lingual Method in Increasing English Vocabulary: A Case Study of The Third Grade Students At SDN 016512 Tanjung Kuba Indrapura
  8. The Translation of Linking Verb in John Green’s Novel The Fault in Our Stars Into Bahasa Indonesia
  9. Unit Shifts in The Translation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Into Anton Adiwiyoto’s Frankenstein
  10. Improving Learners’ English Speaking Ability by Applying Direct Method
  11. The Effectiveness of Mental Model on Improving Student’s Reading Comprehension Ability
  12. Morphophonemic Process Found in Selected Motivational Short Stories
  13. Infidelity and Psychic Violence Image Based on Case of Law: A Semantic Analysis
  14. Grammatical Cohesion Found in Modern English Version Prologue of Beowulf Text
  15. An Analysis of Signs Found in Batak Toba Wedding Ceremony
  16. A Stylistic Analysis of Allama Iqbal’s Poem The Bird’s Complaint
  17. Critical Discourse Analysis Observed Through Multimodal Texts
  18. An Analysis of Figurative Expressions in The Holy Bible: John
  19. Existentialism in Chuck Palahniuk`S Novel Fight Club
  20. Sadomasochism in E. L . James’s Fifty Shades of Grey
  21. An Analysis of Metaphor Found in Pakpaknese Marriage Ceremony
  22. Acehnese Culture as Represented on The Signs Found in Rumoh Aceh
  23. Forms and Communicative Functions of Euphemism in Karonese Language
  24. Hedonism as Portrayed in Sophie Kinsella‘S Confessions of A Shopaholic and Alberthiene Endah‘S Cewek Matre: A Comparative Literature
  25. An Analysis of Intransitive Sentences in Sidney Sheldon’s “If Tomorrow Comes”
  26. A Study of Sentence Structure on Rainbow Rowell’s Elanor and Park
  27. An Analysis of Affective Meaning on Articles in Jakarta Post Daily
  28. Figurative Expressions Found in Ed Sheeran’s Album X: A Semantic Analysis
  29. An Analysis of Karonesse Interferences to English Used by Shop Keepers in Berastagi, Sumatera Utara
  30. An Analysis of Tact Maxim in Selected Short Stories of Oscar Wilde
  31. An Analysis of Loanwords Found in Kick Andy Talk Show
  32. An Analisys of Oedipus Complex in D.H Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers
  33. Negative Aspects of American Social Life Reflected in The Leading Character of Jordan Belfort’s Novel “The Wolf of Wall Street”
  34. Biographical Analysis of Five Selected Poems by Robert Frost
  35. The Strategies of Translating Transitive Phrasal Verbs in PS. I Love You Into Indonesian
  36. A Comparative Analysis of Woman Physical Abuse in The Novels The Color Purple by Alice Walker and Women at Point Zero by Nawal El-Saadawi
  37. An Analysis of Figurative Meaning in Internet Advertisement
  38. An Analysis of Grammatical Constructions of Noun Clauses Found in Selected Info Articles of Hello Magazine
  39. Children’s Language Attitude Toward English in Sunday School Viewed From Social Class
  40. The Personality Changes on Major Character in Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe
  41. The Ability to Master Stock Market Terms by Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Employees At Lampung Branch Office
  42. An Analysis of Social Stratification and Its Impact on Woman in Jane Austen’s Persuasion
  43. An Analysis of English Reading Disability on The First Grade Students of SMA Negeri ABC
  44. Coherence Discoursein Maya Angelou and William Blake’s Poems
  45. Illocutionary Acts on Conditional Sentences Found in The Gospels
  46. Traumatic Impacts of Post Colonialism as Portrayed in The Main Character’s Little Bee
  47. Lexicogrammatical Features on Recount Texts Written by The Third Grade Students of SMP ABC
  48. An Analyis of Spiritual Symbols in William Blake‘S Poems
  49. A Syntactical Analysis on Sentence Patterns Used in Coldplay’s Song Lyrics
  50. An Analysis of Experiential Function Found in Berita2 Bahasa Online Newspaper
  51. Speech Act Classification in the New Testment Holy Bible “The Sermon on the Mount”
  52. Subordinations in Paulo Coelho’s Novel Brida
  53. Code Mixing Found in Gadis Magazine
  54. A Dissociative Disorder in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Novelist Undercover: Comparative Literature Analysis
  55. An Analysis of Taboo Words in RnB Songs in Pitbull’s Album “Globalization”
  56. The Impacts of Debate Reasoning in English Competence
  57. The Adequacy of Krashen’s Affective Filter Hypothesis in Second Language Acquisition: A Field Research in SD ABC
  58. An Analysis of Speech Disfluency on The Ellen Degeneres Show
  59. Magic Power to Get Wealth as Portrayed in The Folklore The Fisherman and His Wife and Hanasaka Jiisan: A Comparative Literature
  60. The Effectiveness of Total Physical Response Method in Teaching English Vocabulary to Students With Autism at SDLB Negeri 027701 Binjai
  61. Betrayal in A Marriage as Portrayed in The Great Gatsby and Belenggu: A Comparative Literature Analysis
  62. An Analysis of Speech Act in Hillary Clinton’s Speech “This Madness Has To Stop”
  63. An Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communicating Capability of Autistic Sufferers at Alpha Omega Foundation Kabanjahe (Psycholinguistic Case Study)
  64. The Problems of Human Trafficking in Pamala Kennedy’s Novel More Than Rice
  65. Unit Shift on The Translation of To Kill A Mockingbird
  66. The Analysis of Thematic Structure in Toefl Test Reading Comprehension
  67. A Logico Semantic Analysisi in Jokowi and Prabowo Political Campaigns
  68. An Analysis of Supernatural Power in Stephen King’s Novel Carrie and Risa Saraswati’s Novel Gerbang Dialog Danur: A Comparative Literature
  69. Strategies of Persuasion Used in Women’s Cosmetic Products
  70. An Analysis of Revenge in Main Character’s Personality as Portrayed in Sidney Sheldon’s Novel If Tomorrow Comes and A.S.A. Harrison’s Novel The Silent Wife: A Comparative Literature
  71. An Analysis of Language Styles on Disney Movie Script
  72. Deixis Found in Batman V Superman’s Movie Script
  73. English Verb Acquisition of Third Grade Students of Aqila Islamic School
  74. A Stylistic Analysis in British Musician’s Selected Songs
  75. Ecological Lexicons Analysis of Selected Nature Poems Written by William Wordsworth
  76. The Usefulness of Computer-Assisted Tool “Wordfast Anywhere” in A Translation Process: A Case Study of USU English Department Students
  77. Analysis of Eco-Metaphor Through Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson’s Selected Lyrical Songs
  78. An Analysis of Naturalism as Reflected in Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy
  79. An Analysis of Delusion on The Leading Character Portrayed in Beth Revis’ Novel A World Without You
  80. An Analysis of Women’s Language Variety in Heforshe Conversation With Emma Watson on International Women’s Day 2015
  81. A Comparative Study of Black Magic Power in Roger Lancelyn’s Novel King Arthur and His Knight of The Round Table and Andrea Hirata’s Novel Sirkus Pohon
  82. The Psychological Impacts of Sexual Abuse Experienced by The Main Character of K.L Randis’ Novel Spilled Milk
  83. Improving Young Learners’ English Vocabulary Through Total Physical Response Method
  84. Thematic Progression Analysis in The Black Cat Short Story
  85. Deconstruction Analysis of Characters in Movie Script Zootopia
  86. Contextual Meaning on My Chemical Romance’s Songs: A Semantic Analysis
  87. Speech Acts Found in Sarcastic Utterances in Speechless TV Series
  88. Improving Asy-Syafi’iyah International Students’ Vocabulary Through Simon Says Game : A Case Study
  89. Improving Reading Comprehension of The Grade VIII Students SMPN 3 Sibolga Through Directed Reading Thinking Activy (DRTA) Strategy
  90. Illocutionary Act in Song Lyrics of Ed Sheeran’s Divide Album
  91. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Donald Trump’s Speech “Recognizing Jerusalem as The Capital of Israel”
  92. Politeness Strategy in University Local Debate Presented by Students of Universities in ABC
  93. A Multimodal Analysis of English Courses’ Brochures Advertisement in ABC
  94. The Interplay Between Visual and Verbal Communication on Selected American News Article by Using Ideational Function and Representational Function
  95. Associative Meanings in Oriflame Catalogue
  96. Speech Functions in The Teacher – Student Classroom Interactions at SMKN 11 Medan
  97. A Semiotic Analysis in Instagram Meme “ 9GAG”
  98. Audio-Visual Method in Acquiring English as a Second Language for Kindergarten : A Case Study of TK Al-Ikhlas Marindal I Medan
  99. Language Style in Malala Nobel Peace Prize Speech
semoga membantu kalian semua.

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